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 A high-performance plug-   in  solution based on swarm

Swarm-Nbzz Features

Swarm/Nbzz, is an extension project based on Swarm networks that fully follows the application interface specifications of Swarm, and is committed to becoming the most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure network in the web3.0 era.


The P2P node network built by the Swarm/Nbzz plug-in is completely independent and effectively compatible with the Swarm network


The Swarm/Nbzz network consists of a fully trusted node (FTP) as the Swarm validation node and the contract execution node


Optimize the computing resources of Swarm network and enhance the permeability of Swarm networks in distributed infrastructure networks


Ensuring the stable operation of the Swarm network, Nbzz nodes can receive online time rewards other than service supply

Swarm/Nbzz Development Route Timeline

By July 2021, improve the architecture and optimize the economic model

In August 2021, the online test network will start node airdrop

In September 2021, NBZZ online exchange began trading

In June 2021, the project will be set up

In August 2021, the online test network will start node airdrop

In September 2021, public offering was launched and the main network was put into operation

October 2021, NBZZ/DAO community node vote

Swarm/Nbzz Network node data


Swarm network nodes

61.25 M

Rewards for total online time


Average pledge ratio of single node


The target nodes are clustered


Web3 Distributed infrastructure

Are you ready to start deploying Nbzz nodes?

We have deployed the Swarm/Nbzz test network on Goerli, and nodes participating in the test network will receive airdrops. If you want to access the test network, please do contract deployment here:

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